Updating the 2015 Version of Labour Trans Manifesto

The team at Labour Trans Equality (LTE) are an experienced group who have been working together for over 8 years on advancing trans equality, we have a wealth of experience between us on trans equality and associated issues.

The original document was produced to influence legislation and policy as a result of the LGBT+ Labour committee in 2013 asking what the problems and issues were within the trans community. Also because of the lack of understanding and knowledge on how influencers in parliament could better understand what was needed to advance trans equality.

In 2014 the manifesto was consulted on with the wider trans community. Many comments were made by different groups and it was seen as a positive document which had never been done before. GIRES and the Police Trans Network and others gave feedback which led to further research by ourselves.

At the Labour Party Conference in 2014, in a fringe event with LGBT+ Labour and Stonewall (Ruth Hunt) we launched the manifesto.  During 2015 it was updated and adopted overwhelmingly as a working document at the LGBT+ Labour AGM.

The document has not been updated since and a major review is underway before it is re issued as a Manifesto.

For more information please Email: admin@labourtransequality.org.uk