Defining Transphobia in the Labour Party A Consultation…

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In light of recent events and potential developments in policies affecting trans people Labour Trans Equality (LTE) believes it has become urgent and necessary to have a discussion about what is defined as transphobia in the Labour Party and its affiliated organisations.  This is a Consultation Document to initiate this process. It will be revised to take account of responses to the Consultation

LTE will use these responses in order to raise awareness and campaign for change within the Labour Party in order to increase the representation and voice of trans/non binary people within the Party and enable them to take part in all its activities safely and without fear.

Data protection is important to us. All submissions will remain confidential. Responses will be destroyed and identity details will be removed unless we are given permission to use them.

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The deadline for receiving responses is Monday 1st March 2021.


To be Trans or Non Binary is not a lifestyle choice. Trans people have the right to a full happy life and not live in denial and misery.  They are citizens with rights and must be treated as such.

In the past few years, elements of the press and other media, together with certain individuals and organisations have engaged in what can only be described as a campaign against trans people based on misrepresentations and in some cases outright lies about the threat that trans people and trans women in particular pose to society and especially to women

This anti-trans campaign is generating hatred normalising abuse and attempting to isolate trans people. It is both damaging and potentially life threatening.

When the consultation on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act was announced, anti-trans campaigners used misinformation to demonise trans people, and claim their rights conflict with women’s rights. Unfortunately some anti-trans activists who are members of the Labour Party and affiliated organisations have been both active and complicit in this process.

The  wider trans community is made up of people who express a range of gender identities including  male to female, female to male, non-binary and non-gender and other gender identities.  Some people may have transitioned from expressing themselves in their birth sex into living in their preferred gender identity while others have not. This is a personal decision which is acknowledged in the Equality 2010 and Gender Recognition Acts 2004.

Scientific evidence about the effects of testosterone on epigenetic neural development, suggests why some people are born with a gender identity different from their physical body.  This is consistent with many trans people’s experience of knowing they were a different gender from a young age. 

Transphobia can take the form of discrimination, bullying, harassment and abuse or all four.  It causes emotional distress, psychological physical and economic harm to individuals and collectively to the trans community.  Transphobic abuse and attitudes are reflected in social media, in education in the   workplace in short in all areas of everyday life not least in political parties and organisations.

All trans people must therefore feel safe to interact at all levels of the Labour Party and its affiliated organisations.

Defining  Expression of Transphobia In the Labour Party

  1. Denying the existence of trans people and campaigning against trans people’s human and civil rights like public services is transphobic.
  2. Deliberately misgendering trans people at any time by calling trans women, “men” or trans men “women”, or non-binary people “men” or “women” is transphobic.
  1. Talking about trans people in a negative manner at any time or treating trans people any differently from those who are not trans is transphobic.
  2. Portraying trans people as a “threat to society” is transphobic.
  3. Mocking trans people because of the way they dress, or talk is transphobic.
  4. Claiming there is a “conflict” between trans people’s rights and women’s or other communities’ rights is transphobic.
  1. Failure to investigate allegations of transphobia in a reasonable time and include trans people in the process constitutes institutional transphobia.  Labour Party staff should be adequately trained to deal with transphobic complaints.
  2. Failure to include trans people at all levels and structures of decision making within the Labour Party and is movement is institutionally transphobic and exclusionary.
  3. People representing the Labour Party in public life must not produce policy, legislation or commission public services affecting trans people without consulting them.  Exclusion of trans people from these processes is institutional transphobia and exclusionary.
  4. There are good and bad people in all communities.  Using a newspaper report of a trans person who has committed a crime to smear all trans  people is discrimination and prejudice, as it would be if done against for example against disabled people or black people.  It is transphobic.
  5. Trans people should be able to stand for public office without discrimination and without fear of hatred.  They should be judged on their ability and encouraged to stand.  To campaign against trans people standing for public office is transphobic.
  6. No one should use social media to spread hatred or harassment; Labour Party members should not like or share posts which are transphobic or discriminatory.  If in any doubt seek advice and guidance.
  7. Misrepresenting what trans people say or do, because you don’t understand it is transphobic.  If in doubt seek advice and guidance. Ignorance is no excuse.
  8. Making public comments about policy or legislation on trans issues without understanding those issues is transphobic. If in doubt seek advice and guidance, Ignorance is no excuse.

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30th January 2021


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