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“It’s official …Labour Trans Equality becomes a “Friend of Labour” Press Statement Number 11 31 March 2021

We are pleased and proud to announce that Labour Trans Equality has now officially been recognised as a “Friend of Labour” Labour ‘Friends of’ Groups provide a forum for members with a common interest to represent communities, professions and policy… Continue Reading →

“Safeguarding Young Trans People; The Real Issues!” Press Statement Number 12

“Safeguarding Young Trans People; The Real Issues!” In an article for the Socialist Health Association published in its latest Bulletin Labour Trans Equality criticises those who are failing to acknowledge the scale of the crisis affecting access to appropriate healthcare… Continue Reading →

Some of Their Lordships Lose the Plot Over the Wording of the Ministerial & Other Maternity Allowances Bill” Press Release Number 10

23 February 2021 A number of peers including some Labour Peers most of whom (with some notable exceptions) really should know better, are claiming that this Bill as currently drafted using the word person “erases women from public discourse” because… Continue Reading →

“ Freedom of Speech” Means Nothing for Trans People Who Are Systematically Silenced By the Mainstream Media; Says Labour Trans Equality” Press Release Number 9

19 February 2021 Trans people are being systematically silenced, or “no-platformed” by the media, while  the merchants of transphobia and homophobia   are given multiple platforms to say whatever they like about trans people however baseless or insulting This is the… Continue Reading →

The Tories and hate-speech: Distract, divide, and rule.

Written By Dr Natacha Kennedy Transphobic hate speech has an effect. Statistics on hate-crimes directed at trans people, have quadrupled since 2015 and that is despite only 1 in 7 trans people ever reporting crimes against them to the police…. Continue Reading →

“Some Conservatives Support Trans People Too” Labour Trans Equality welcomes Pro Trans Support by Conservatives Press Release Number 7

Labour Trans Equality welcomes Pro Trans Support by Conservatives 15 February 2021 Some LGBT supporters in the Conservative Party have joined Lib Dem Women and Trans Allies in the Green Party have come out strongly in support of Trans people…. Continue Reading →

The Green Party Supports Trans Women Too” Press Release Number 6

15 February 2021 Labour Trans Equality Applauds Pro Trans Activism by the Green Party Following hard on the heels of the Open Letter from Lib Dem Women supporting trans women a leading Green Party figure Sian Berry has expressed some… Continue Reading →

“End the Lavatory Wars and Slum Loos” Press Release Number 4

6 February 2021 Says Labour Trans Equality in a response to a Government Consultation on Gender Neutral Toilet Facilities  “The review I have launched today will help all self identifying women, irrespective of whether they are also trans feminine, non… Continue Reading →

“ A Very Welcome Initiative by Liberal Democrat Women” Press Release Number 5

11 February 2021 Labour Trans Equality Responds to the Pro Trans Rights Open Letter Published by Liberal Democrat Women Welcoming the Open Letter which is signed by a long list of Lib Dem women Cllr Anwen Muston  of Labour Trans… Continue Reading →

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