23 February 2021

A number of peers including some Labour Peers most of whom (with some notable exceptions) really should know better, are claiming that this Bill as currently drafted using the word person “erases women from public discourse” because it uses inclusive language to describe those who may be effected by the provisions of the Bill.

Responding to such palpable nonsense about “erasure of women”, the Minister Lord True said……..

“Questions have been raised about whether this is the application of “extreme gender ideology”. It is not.”

He continued…

“The use of ‘person’ in relation to pregnancy or childbirth matters in legislation is in line with current drafting convention and guidance.”

Cllr Anwen Muston  of Labour Trans Equality said

“Why is this important ?”

“Simply because those making this silly kerfuffle about the use of the word “person” fail to acknowledge the simple fact that  it is not only women who give birth.

“In fact many trans men are now becoming pregnant as indeed are Non-Binary people whose birth sex is female”.

“The Govt proposal is therefore correct in acknowledging this. Those opposing this wording are seriously mistaken and the motivation of those organising opposition to it highly suspect. It is an example of crude biogical determinism which excludes recognition of trans men and non binary people born female. “

“We would have hoped their Lordships would have more important things to put their minds to in the context of discussing this Bill”

“We therefore urge all Labour Peers to accept the wording of the Bill as it stands”

“There are more important things to do, such as tackling trans inequalities, especially in health care or hate crime”

Ends ……………

Note to Editors

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Lords debates Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill – UK Parliament


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