11 February 2021

Labour Trans Equality Responds to the Pro Trans Rights Open Letter

Published by Liberal Democrat Women

Welcoming the Open Letter which is signed by a long list of Lib Dem women Cllr Anwen Muston  of Labour Trans Equality said….

“This is a very positive development representing as it does the emergence of a strengthening alliance of trans women and their allies across the political spectrum

She went on..               

Looking to the future and as we develop our own statement to encourage commitment and understanding of trans rights in the Labour Party, and to tackle transphobia, we in LTE expect to be working with trans women and allies across the political spectrum in asserting that

“trans rights are human rights”

and that as the Liberal Democrat Women also assert

“There is no conflict between women’s rights and trans rights”

The text of the letter can be seen here


Note to Editors

Labour Trans Equality was launched in late January 2021

Its aims are simple and clear

•        To increase the representation and voice of trans/non binary people within the Labour Party.

•        To encourage more trans/non binary people to vote, join and campaign for the Labour Party.

•        To be a strong and clear voice for trans/non binary members and allies  who are also members of the Labour Party.

•        To work with other groups within the Party, including LGBT Labour, the National Policy Forum, the National and Regional Executives, CLPs and affiliated organisations to promote trans/non binary equality.

•        To support and encourage trans/non binary members to take an active role in public office at all levels as Labour Party representatives.

In the short time since it was launched it has gained a significant number of followers and supporters.

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3.        Website: www.labourtransequality.org.uk


10 February 2021