Our aims are simple and clear:

  • To increase the representation and voice of trans/non binary people within the Labour Party
  • To encourage  more trans/non binary people to join and work within the Party,
  • To be a strong and clear voice for trans/non binary members and their allies  who are supporters of the Labour Party
  • To work with other groups within the Party, including the National Policy Forum to promote trans/non binary equality.
  • To support and encourage trans/non binary members to take an active role at all levels within the Labour Party.

Founding Sponsors of Labour Trans Equality

Emily Brothers,

Member since 1981; Member of LGBT+ Labour 6 years, serving on National Committee as Elections Co-ordinator and Disability Officer; Labour’s first trans Parliamentary candidate and London Assembly candidate, is currently in the Isle of Wight CLP.

Heather Herbert,

Member since 2016 Member of LGBT+ Labour for Trans officer for LGBT+ Labour Scotland since Feb 2020; Parliamentary candidate 2019.

Suzanna Hopwood,

Member since 1979. Member of LGBT+ Labour for 8 years Active in support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ people in general and trans /non binary people in particular, both locally and nationally.

Dr Natacha Kennedy,

Dr Natacha Kennedy is an academic at Goldsmiths College London and has long been a member of the Labour Party. She is a member of Eltham CLP, has served on LGBT+ Labour National Committee Member as international member were she was one of the founders of Rainbow Rose; the Socialist and Social Democratic LGBT+ campaign group in Europe.

Councillor Anwen Muston,

Labour Member since 2005, Member of LGBT+ Labour since 2012 + National Committee Member, led on the first comprehensive Trans manifesto for LGBT+ Labour (as trans officer) first LGBT+ officer in Wolverhampton South East CLP she encouraged her other local CLP’s to establish a LGBT officer. Wrote the first (Be a Trans Councillor programme” encouraging also training other trans candidates to stand for public office. Previously chair of Gender Matters and LGBT+ Wolverhampton

Councillor Osh Gantly,

Member since 2010. Member of LGBT+ Labour since 2011. Elected to office since 2014.

Dr Heather Peto,

Member since 2004. Member of LGBT+ Labour for 5 years. LGBT+ Labour Trans officer for 2 years and Co-Chair for 2 years. LGBT+ Labour’s representative on the NEC Equalities Sub Committee. She wrote LGBT+ Labour’s template for responding to the GRA consultation. Jo Cox Women in Leadership alumni, former Women’s Officer for Nottingham South CLP and former PPC Rutland & Melton.

Astrid Walker,

Member since 2014 and first LGBT Officer in her local party. Member of LGBT+ Labour, since 2012, National Committee member 2013-2020. National Policy Forum representative for LGBT+ Labour 2018-2020. Member of City of Chester CLP and Secretary of the Cheshire West & Chester Local Campaign Forum 2017-2019.

Sponsors of Labour Trans Equality

Capt Catherine S Burton FRAeS

Cat Burton is a member of Welsh Labour and lives in the Vale of Glamorgan.
She transitioned towards the end of a 45 year career as an airline captain and was immediately inducted to the airline’s Diversity and Inclusion team. 
She is current chair of Race Equality First and GIRES and a trustee of Trans Media Watch.

For further information contact us by email: admin@labourtransequality.org.uk

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