Keir Starmer Speaks Up Strongly in Support of Trans People

In a video message for Pink News’ “Pride for All” celebrations on 9 June Keir Starmer made his strongest statement yet in asserting his support for ensuring the rights of trans people

In stating the need to stand together against homophobia transphobia and discrimination “wherever it rears its head” he acknowledged that “LGBT+ people still face discrimination in the workplace, hate crime continues to rise and trans people are one of the most discriminated groups in our society,”

As far as trans people are concerned and in declaring himself a “proud ally” he said

“Trans people are still facing daily oppression and discrimination. That isn’t acceptable.

“It is vital that steps are taken to produce the equality, the services and the support that trans people need.

“The GRA (Gender Recognition Act) is in desperate need of reform to introduce self-declaration for transgender people,”

“We’re campaigning to ensure conversion therapy is banned once and for all, and we’re committed to updating the GRA to introduce self-declaration for trans people.”

He went on………….

“Labour knows how much work there is to do. We will always stand as an ally with the LGBT+ community in the fight for true equality.

Commenting on Mr Starmer’s message Cllr Anwen Muston of Labour Trans Equality said

“We can only echo the words of Lord Michael Cashman when he said….

“Absolutely brilliant. No equivocation. This is what I call leadership. Congratulations Keir Starmer,”

Cllr Muston went on..

“We hope, indeed we insist, that so called “gender critical” members of the Labour Party especially those in elected office take note of the Leader’s words and reconsider their position.

“Their views are at variance with what must now be taken to be the unequivocal position of the Party.