19 February 2021

Trans people are being systematically silenced, or “no-platformed” by the media, while  the merchants of transphobia and homophobia   are given multiple platforms to say whatever they like about trans people however baseless or insulting

This is the context  in which to view the Tories’ “freedom of speech” proposals  as Gavin Williamson proposes to force universities and student unions to give platforms to homophobic and transphobic speakers.

In an Article for Labour Trans Equality Natacha Kennedy said ………….

“The contrast between the way the Tories are proposing to “protect” homophobic and transphobic hate speech at universities and the way they are ignoring the exclusion of trans voices in mainstream media is discrimination”

“Trans people exist; there is no “debate” to be had and their voice must be heard not silenced”

Ends ……………

Note to Editors

Natacha Kennedy’s article can be viewed on the Labour Trans Equality web site


Labour Trans Equality was launched in January 2021

Its aims are simple and clear:

  • To increase the representation and voice of trans/non binary people within the Labour Party.
  • To encourage  more trans/non binary people to vote, join and campaign for the Labour Party.
  • To be a strong and clear voice for trans/non binary members and allies  who are also members of the Labour Party.
  • To work with other groups within the Party, including LGBT Labour, the National Policy Forum, the National and Regional Executives, CLPs and affiliated organisations to promote trans/non binary equality.
  • To support and encourage trans/non binary members to take an active role in public office at all levels as Labour Party representatives.

In the short time since it was launched it has gained a significant number of followers and supporters.

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